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Ways to Get Involved

Getting involved in Stand UP is simple, just take action. There are many forms of Stand UP and you can find it all here. Community service, starting your own campaign, going on a service based trip can all, and much more can all work towards the Stand UP cause.

In Your Community

Everyone has their place in Stand UP and you can find yours too. Talk to your Chapter and Regional Shlichim and find out what you can do for Stand UP in your areas.

If your region or chapter doesn’t have a Stand UP cause, find some people who care about the same issues as you and start from there. You can use this website as a resource to get your cause going and to find campaigns that you can bring to your hometown. Don’t wait, get involved today!


J-Serve is a part of the Global Youth Service Day Initiative. It is a day when Jewish teens from around the world come together to do service. This year J-serve is on April 28, 2013.

If you are looking for a community service opportunity in your area, check out your area’s J-Serve projects on the J-Serve website.

Also, when planning your campaign think about how you can help your cause on this day. J-Serve is a great way to bring many teens in your community together for the causes you care about most.

Summer of Impact

A great way to take Stand UP to the next step is to get involved in Summer of Impact programs. Summer of Impact gives you the opportunity to learn and volunteer in other cities across the country. You can expand your knowledge of what it means to give back and develop new ideas that you can bring back to your community. These programs are located in DC, Boston, Chicago, and Israel. If you are attending a CLTC session, you also have the opportunity to extend your trip with our Taste of Impact programs: Impact: Milwaukee and Impact: Pittsburgh. For more information, check out the Summer of Impact page.


Need help organizing your campaign? There are many resources available to help you organize your campaign each step of the way.