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BBYO Stand UP's Dining in the Dark

285 million people worldwide are estimated to be visually impaired.

BUT 80% of visual impairment and blindness in adults is preventable or treatable!

Visual impairment can limit people’s ability to perform everyday tasks, affect their quality of life and ability to interact with the surrounding world. Blindness is the most severe form of visual impairment. Most of the diseases and conditions causing visual impairment and blindness can be prevented or readily treated with cost-effective interventions.

At your next chapter meal, come together to not only enjoy some delicious food but also to get a glimpse into the lives of those who are blind. This unique Stand UP program will take you on a sensory awareness experience like no other as you eat a meal with your friends in complete darkness.


Host a meal with your chapter in complete darkness. By temporarily restricting your sense of sight, you will have a culinary experience like no other as your sense of smell and taste are heightened as you peak in the unfamiliar world of those who are visually impaired.


Download the resources above to learn more about putting on your own Dining in the Dark experience.

Making it a fundraiser!

Host an awareness night for the community and ask local restaurants to make food donations. You can be the servers while your guests experience what it is like to eat a meal in complete darkness.