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BBYO Stand UP's Charity Basketball Tournaments

Competing for a Cause

Have a cause you’re passionate about, but maybe you’re not sure how to support it? Change up your regular AZAAthletics or BBGGames (AZAA or BBGG) event and make it mean something: Use your BBYO Stand UP cause to put together a first-class basketball tournament for the issue you care about most! Invite speakers and local partner organizations to experience the excitement with you and make this program a true community moment!


Inspired by Randy Reisbord AZA’s Wheelchair Basketball Tournament in Lonestar Region, teens compete as they raise awareness for causes that mean the most to them through a charity basketball tournament. Turn your everyday game into something meaningful this spring and support something you’re passionate about!


Check out the steps to building your own basketball tournament in the resources below. Whether it’s a 3-on-3 game or a new twist on and old favorite, the possibilities are endless for creating a meaningful service experience!

Make it a Fundraiser!

Take your philanthropy skills to the next level by turning your tournament into a fundraiser for your cause. Ask for help from your community with donations of space, food and supplies. Each player can donate funds to register or even start their own fundraising campaign as a competition between teams.